Knowledge dissemination

This sub-project concerns knowledge transfer and dissemination of the content of the termbank to various user groups. An experimental approach is applied to create a natural user situation, where the participant is asked to access knowledge about specialized concepts from the taxation domain for the purpose of concept clarification, while the participant’s responses and eye movements are being recorded on a remote eye-tracker. The purpose of the experiment is to analyse user behavior and navigation when presented with articles and diagrams illustrating knowledge about concepts. In addition to the data collection from the actual eye-tracking experiment, the individual user expertise within the taxation domain is assessed directly by asking participants to assess their own expertise, and indirectly a number of tasks will reflect the domain specific expertise. The sample comprises of potential end-users, some participants represent a very high expertise in the taxation domain (e.g. staff members from SKAT), while others will be able to utilize concept clarification competences (e.g. terminologists and translators). An inferential statistical analysis of the collected data will reveal profiles and facilitate user modeling that can be implemented in the user interface of the termbank.

Last updated by: Louise Pram Nielsen, Pia Hoffmann 23/08/2017