About the project

The long-term goal of the DanTermBank project is to establish the foundation for a national terminology and knowledge bank, and consequently the project must find solutions to a wide range of problems, e.g.
  • how to increase the number of terms whilst at the same time maintaining a high quality of information,
  • how to choose, organize and present data suitable for different user groups and
  • how to ensure interoperability with other term banks.
The primary goal of the first phase of the DanTermBank project was to develop automatic methods and prototypes for advanced terminology work, including automatic extraction of terms and information about terms, as well as automatic construction and validation of ontologies (concept systems) on the basis of the extracted information. Another goal was to develop methods for automatic merging of terminological data from various existing sources; a problem that existing term banks have not addressed adequately. Finally, the project aimed to develop methods for target group-oriented knowledge dissemination. Many other term banks only offer restricted possibilities for setting up user-specific search and presentation profiles. Learn more about the three subprojects here: A preliminary termbank for testing has been set up. It contains terminology within limited subject areas, and can be visited at:

Last updated by: Hanne Erdman Thomsen, Bodil Nistrup Madsen 23/08/2017