Establishing a Danish Terminology and Knowledge Base

Phase 1: Establishing a Danish Terminology and Knowledge Base The aim of the project is to develop methods for automatic knowledge extraction, automatic construction and updating of ontologies. In the project methods will be developed for automatic merging of terminological data from various existing sources, as well as methods for target group oriented knowledge dissemination.
The research carried out in the first phase is a prerequisite for establishing a national Danish term bank which can ensure development and quality of Danish LSP. When the term bank has been established, it will form the basis for various other research projects. This phase of the project was supported by the VELUX FOUNDATION. The first phase of the DanTermBank project consists of three subprojects, which you can learn more about by navigating through the left menu, or clicking the links below: Subproject 1: Knowledge Aquisition
Subproject 2: Knowledge Validation
Subproject 3: Knowledge Dissemination
The prototypes developed in phase 1 will be made available at this web site. A term base with example domains can be visited here: (Select the database DTB and log in as PUBLIC with password PUBLIC)

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